Puzzle Kindergarten

Vrbani, Zagreb,Croatia

Public space - Kindergarten

The basic concept premise emerges from the needs of the location as well as its functionality. The main entrance to the kindergarden is accessed from the walking path on the north side of the parcel, and the nursery from the west side, both from the paking area as well as from the path. Acess to the housekeeping/kitchen areas is located on the south side from the main street. The shape of the building consists of cubes that encompass the children’s living halls, which are on the south side, oriented towards the courtyard for play and the study processes; and the cubes for housekeeping/kitchen, administration and halls are oriented towards the North. The building is envisioned as one compact and elongated form taht opens up to the south, so as to free as much space as possible for the children’s playground. The nursery is located at the ground floor and the kindergarden both at the ground floor and first floor levels. In order to create as much playground areas as possible for the kids, the cube with the upper units is positioned towards the north, above the housekeeping/kitchen, multi-use, administration which opens up the roof area creating a space for the children. From the terrace, by the central stairway can access the natural grounds. The children’s units are divided by glass walls and separated from the hallway, creating simultaneously enclosed spaces while open to  communication. The ground level units have lamps, that emerge through to the first floor terrace forming there jardinieres and seating areas. The shaping of the interior is conformed to the age of its users – lively wall and floor colors, create a stimulating and fun environment for everyday use. The facade is completely formed of A1 puzzle shaped panels consisting of a couple of neutral colors, and the same shaping is applied to the terrace tiling as well as the roof, with the only distinction being rubber puzzle panels instead. The kindergarden as such becomes a light and playful form, with calm and nuanced tonalities, and a soothing dynamic which is a ‘refreshing’ aeasthetic in a neighbourhood where everything has already been seen.

Location, Town, State:
Vrbani, Zagreb,Croatia
City of Zagreb
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