Issa Grotto Hill House

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NAZIV PROJEKTA/PROJECT TITLE ISSA-Grotto/hill house TIPOLOGIJA/TIPOLOGY single family house LOKACIJA/LOCATION Vis, CroatiaPOVRŠINA PARCELE/SITE AREA 70135.0 m2 BRUTTO POVRŠINA/GROSS FLOOR AREA 198.5 m2 KLIJENT/CLIENT privatno/private PROJEKTIRANJE/DESIGN 2013.-2014. STATUS/STATUS dokumentacija u izradi/documentation in production1

grotto (ˈɡrɒtəʊ) n, pl -toes or -tos

1. (Physical Geography) a small cave, esp one with attractive features

2. (Architecture) a construction in the form of a cave, type of natural or artificial cave that is associated with modern, historic, or prehistoric use by humans.from Old Italian grotta, from Late Latin crypta vault; see crypt]

Grotto/hill house is merging the tradition of the micro/macro enviroment and heritaga of Vis island and Mediterranean, with bioclimate design approach, encountering problems of no infrastructure, steep slope site. Concept satisfies needs of the user–temporary habitation+olive plantation care.The house is a digged in pocket-grotto/interpreted socrates megaron/ between the stretches of stone walls-suhozid/ancient agriculture lot formers.The design is unobtrusive,a symbiosis of manmade and natural.

  • Date: 2014 In planning
  • Client: Private
  • Filed under: Single family houses