Proarh is an architectural office founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Zagreb. Under the management of its founder and principal architect Davor Matekovic, the firm has evolved into a multidisciplinary workshop, creating different projects of various functions, typologies, as well as programmatic and spatial dimensions. 

Architecture is approached as a diversely complex topic, where all its individual elements are formative and the design process is all encompassing. It includes not only solving the given functional requirements, but also concept implementation, a progressive idea that gives the project its final quality. While attempting not to limit itself to only one type of project, the divergence of typologies requires an individual approach to each problem, with a tendency to be better, different, more innovative, and the final result is contemporary in every aspect. Proarh’s innovative approach, creativity, as well as dedicated work and acquired experience through relentless market conditions, have created a great number of successful projects and finished work of a wide spectrum. Its signature architectural work and progressive  ideas have been recognized outside the local architectural scene. Proarh’s works have been nominated and awarded with a wide variety of international architectural prizes, presented in many exhibitions and published in renown domestic and international profession related publications.

Awards and recognitions

2019. – BIG SEE Architecture Award 2019, Grand Prix

2018. – Mies van der Rohe Award, nomination

2018. – Croatian Chamber of Architects award, nomination

2018. – The International Architecture Awards, winner

2018. – Residential and office building in Petrinjska street, Zagreb, competition, 1st prize

2018. – 53rd Zagreb Salon of Architecture, nomination

2018. – Vladimir Nazor Award, nomination

2018. – The Architizer+Award, winner

2018 – The Plan Award, winner

2018 – Drago Galić Award, nomination

2017 – Piranesi Award, nomination

2017 – Croatian Chamber of Architects Medal for Conceptual Project, nomination

2016 – Participation in 15th Venice Architecture Biennale

2016 – Drago Galić Award, winner

2015 – 50th Zagreb Salon of Architecture, award

2015 – World Architecture Festival, winner

2015 – International CEMEX Building Award, category: Housing, 3rd prize

2015 – German Design Award, nomination

2015 – German Design Award, nomination

2015 – German Design Award, Special Mention

2015 – German Design Award, Special Mention

2015 – CEMEX Building Award, category: Residential Housing, winner

2015 – World Architecture Festival, finalist in the category House - Completed Buildings

2015 – World Architecture Festival, finalist in the category Small Projects

2015 – A & D Trophy Award, winner

2015 – A’design Award, silver medal

2015 – A’design Award, silver medal

2015 – A’design Award, gold medal

2014 –Residential and office building along Avenija Dubrovnik – Središće – Novi Zagreb, planned construction block J, competition, 3rd prize

2014 – German Design Award, Special Mention

2014 – Croatian Athletic and Football Centre Svetice, competition, 1st prize

2014 – CEMEX Building Award, category: Public and commercial buildings, winner

2014 – Islamic centre in Osijek, competition, 1st prize

2014 – Iconic Awards 2014, winner

2014 – Iconic Awards 2014, Best of Best

2014 – Vladimir Nazor Award, nomination

2014 – Viktor Kovačić Award, nomination

2013 – Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, competition, repurchase

2013 – Drago Galić Award, nomination

2013 – Mies van der Rohe Award, nomination

2013.– Architizer A+Awards, Special Mention

2012 – Piranesi Award, nomination

2012 – City Project: Unska-Koturaška Street corner in Zagreb, competition, 2nd prize

2012 – Radeljević – Libertas Complex in Dubrovnik, competition, 3rd prize

2011 – Office building in Ljubljanska avenue in Zagreb, competition, 2nd prize

2011 – Mixed-use complex along Strojarska Street in Zagreb, competition, 1st prize

2011 – New Poreč Downtown Parentium Nuovo, competition, 2nd prize

2010 – Downtown Virovitica solution, competition, 2nd prize

2009 – Lapad City Stadium, competition, 4th prize

2008 – Vrbani III Church with a pastoral centre, competition, 1st prize

2008 – Vrbani Elementary School, competition,  1st prize

2008 – Kindergarten Kustošija, competition, 1st prize

2008 – Anthill Basketball Hall, competition, 1st prize